Musical Fidelity Trivista 300

Dear Audiogoners,

I have purchased the above amp from Audio5.1 in Alberta, Canada, when the unit arrived, the volume knob and shaft was bent. We believe that the shipping company must have jotsled it quite a bit in order for the knob to come off. Anyhow, the only service center I can find is in North Carolina. And I live in New Jersey. Is there anybody out there that knows a shop in the New Jersey or New York area that can do the repair. I was told that a new volume control console have to be replaced. Thank you for your responses in advance.

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I had the the Nu-Vista for a couple of years in my main system and found it to be a nice unit, but a bit restrained; but with the appropriate components it can be the heart of a top dog system. About a year ago I got the Trivista 300 for my weekend home and find it to be a bit more open and the core of a truly great musical system. The great advantage is that the amp can drive low impedance loads and therefore is so easy to match with a wide variety of speakers. Frankly, it is so musical and effortless, it really doesn't matter if it is not the "last word" in latest and greatest super amps. Highly recommended!! MF have a great house sound and it stands the test of time IMHO. Oh BTW, although the weight makes a service return a bit of a hassle, remember the company has been around for many years now. My units have been 100% reliable.