Musical Fidelity Trivista 300

Dear Audiogoners,

I have purchased the above amp from Audio5.1 in Alberta, Canada, when the unit arrived, the volume knob and shaft was bent. We believe that the shipping company must have jotsled it quite a bit in order for the knob to come off. Anyhow, the only service center I can find is in North Carolina. And I live in New Jersey. Is there anybody out there that knows a shop in the New Jersey or New York area that can do the repair. I was told that a new volume control console have to be replaced. Thank you for your responses in advance.

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Do you have any other remotes you use in your audio setup?

I have a MF A5 Int Amp in a hybrid HT/Music setup and it, too will change inputs - but I traced it down to when I use my cable remote for changing channels.

I know this is a bit of a 'hack' but I use a small felt sticky dot to cover the IR receiver on the A5 when I'm in HT mode watching TV or movies (since the A5 selector is on HT Direct anyway).

If I want to listent to music, the AVR & cable are turned off, and I move the felt dot covering the IR on the A5 and off I go using the A5 remote with no issues for volume or changing inputs.