Musical Fidelity Trivista 300

Dear Audiogoners,

I have purchased the above amp from Audio5.1 in Alberta, Canada, when the unit arrived, the volume knob and shaft was bent. We believe that the shipping company must have jotsled it quite a bit in order for the knob to come off. Anyhow, the only service center I can find is in North Carolina. And I live in New Jersey. Is there anybody out there that knows a shop in the New Jersey or New York area that can do the repair. I was told that a new volume control console have to be replaced. Thank you for your responses in advance.
Hi Proacl

I feel for you. There is nothing worse than waiting for a piece of equipment and than it arrives damaged. I actually had a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista and I can remember that one set of audio inputs were broken. I looked into getting it fixed but as I recall, the only option was to mail it back to North Carolina. This stinks because you have to go through the hassel of the heavy S&H costs, and to make matters even worse, they wanted the seperate power unit too. The only other two options I can think off is talking to a MF dealer (I think there is one or two in New York) or maybe try Audioclassics. I know they repair McIntosh stuff, they might fix other gear? Sorry I wish I had better news.
Contact Signal Path and ask.
I agree with Musicaudio above and in fact since it's the whole volume control console being replaced you might be in luck. If it's a self contained unit it can probably be shipped to either you or a MF dealer local to you who could do the repair. It would be a lot cheaper than shipping a big and heavy amp. Good luck!
Sincere thanks to those who have replied. I have talked to SignalPath and they are the only authorized service center in North Carolina. Which mean shipping both the amp and the power unit. I am also waiting for Audio5.1 to talk to UPS and see how much they are willing to pay for the damage. If it's going to be repaired, then they should pay for the shipping as well. Otherwise, I expect Audio5.1 to reimburse me for it. So far, they have been very helpful in this whole process. It's just very time consuming and frustrating. Not to mention how painful it is to have the amp for almost a month now but not able to listen to it.
Hi Proac1,

If it makes you feel any better, once you do get the unit back in working condition, the sound of the Tri-Vista is very good. I had mine hooked up to a McIntosh Universal player with B&W speakers and it was very detailed and powerful. Plus, I think it's a much better looking piece than the newer KW-500. I hope you get the issue resolved with the other memeber.

I think you are 100% correct that the Tri-vista 300 is much better looking than the KW500. I will continue my hunt. I think Audio5.1, whom I had bought the unit from is working it out with UPS to take the unit back. I am sad to let it go but also am too frustrated with the whole experience. But I think Audio5.1 is doing what they can to help solve the issue.
Proac1, I'm sure you'll be able to get another Tri-Vista on the Audiogon in due course. They show up fairly frequently and are becoming quite affordable. Hang in there. I think you'll be really impressed with the sound once you get your amp. I've had mine for nearly two years now and it's fabulous.

My condolences on your amp. But it's not the end of MF Tri-Vista land for you. There will be another one in your house soon. Best wishes.
Update - It's been almost 5 years now since I bought my MF Trivista 300 integrated amp. All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am still not out of my honeymoon period with it yet. I did sell my other integrated amp (Copland CTA 402), at a really decent price I might add, since I mostly use the Trivista anyway. I did however, bought a McIntosh MC300 power amp that I sometimes use through the pre-out bypass of the Trivista power amp, and run it through the MC300. However, I think the Trivista 300 holds its own without connecting it to the MC300. The Trivista by itself has a cleaner sound both high and mid. And can punch out enough solid bass all by itself. The only slight difference when connected to the MC300 power amp may improve the bass 1/100th of a percent (not that I can measure anyway. It just sounds a ever so slight better). It was an upgrade bug that caused me to get the MC300, maybe I'll get a pre-amp and run them as a separate system to the Trivista. BTW - I am still using the Trivista 300 with my Proac Response 1SC that I owned for over 12 years (and probably never sell but pass it down to my kid someday), and once in a while I'll plug in the Martin Logan Scenario. Audio Haven either way. Anybody out there thinking of a Trivista 300 should definitely give it a listen.
I'm using the Nu-Vista M3 integrated and love it as well. The only thing I wish for is the power on/off with the remote feature. I think both the Nuvista and Trivista don't have this feature :)
I had the the Nu-Vista for a couple of years in my main system and found it to be a nice unit, but a bit restrained; but with the appropriate components it can be the heart of a top dog system. About a year ago I got the Trivista 300 for my weekend home and find it to be a bit more open and the core of a truly great musical system. The great advantage is that the amp can drive low impedance loads and therefore is so easy to match with a wide variety of speakers. Frankly, it is so musical and effortless, it really doesn't matter if it is not the "last word" in latest and greatest super amps. Highly recommended!! MF have a great house sound and it stands the test of time IMHO. Oh BTW, although the weight makes a service return a bit of a hassle, remember the company has been around for many years now. My units have been 100% reliable.
I've had my unit for seven years now, but I'm strongly considering replacing it. I have no problems with the sound of the unit. I've always loved the sound when paired with my Focal/JM Lab Alto Utopia speakers. My problem comes with the reliability of its construction. I've had to replace one of its supposedly indestructible tubes. The source selector will probably have to be replaced, and three of the RCA connections in the back have gone bad. When I opened up the machine last week to see if I might be able fix some of these myself, I found the plastic table that fits into the RCA jacks to be disintegrating. Plastic pieces had fallen on to the circuit boards. Despite the quality of many aspects of the machine, the build quality is really not up to snuff.
Here we are in 2020 and I still have my tri-vista 300. I have had it serviced a few times ,new tubes and even had upgrades done. The one issue that can't be fixed is the input selector.  I think mine as a mind of it own. It switches inputs on it own or won't even "click" into  the proper input.
As it ages over the next several years and as it deteriorates ,I'm afraid all I will be left with is a large paper weight with no value.
Do you have any other remotes you use in your audio setup?

I have a MF A5 Int Amp in a hybrid HT/Music setup and it, too will change inputs - but I traced it down to when I use my cable remote for changing channels.

I know this is a bit of a 'hack' but I use a small felt sticky dot to cover the IR receiver on the A5 when I'm in HT mode watching TV or movies (since the A5 selector is on HT Direct anyway).

If I want to listent to music, the AVR & cable are turned off, and I move the felt dot covering the IR on the A5 and off I go using the A5 remote with no issues for volume or changing inputs.