musical fidelity trivista 21 vs raysonic cd128

im looking to buy one of this product and would like to know if someone have auditionned both. My question is about comparing the dac section of course. Which one hve the best sound. I have a mac integrated whit germain canton speaker...
It depends upon the transport. I had the 128 and 168 Raysonic in my system. The MF trivista sounds way better more open more musical and more dynamic. I am using a CEC model 1 transport.
Same experience as above. You should however probably buy the A5 cd player listed here for under $900.00 instead of the Trivista 21.
I`ve heard rhe two raysonic players mentioned above as well as the MF trivista.The raysonics are`nt bad at all( in fact pretty good) but the trivista plays on a higher plane. It`more natural,organic and has superior musical flow and detail, also it has better tonality and timbre reproduction.