Musical Fidelity TriVista

Anybody have problems with their MF TriVista SACD player?
I thought it was a good unit until the trouble started.
I would appreciate any feedback on this expesive paperweight.
Worst transports in the world. Is that the problem?
The Philips made transport used in the Tri-Vista and some other SACD players at the time such as Krell and Marantz have a predicted 100% failure rate. Philips will not do anything about it and left those companies holding the bag. Musical Fidelity offered a generous trade out program, but that has ended.
Hi DrJohn,

There have been 2 threads on exactly this subject over the last 3 - 4 months. I posted on both so if you click on my Answers list I think you can access them easily.

Neither of the original posters has posted back to the threads with what they have found out or achieved since posting, but you may want to get in touch with them to find out.

You are not the first to go down this road, unfortunately.
Hi DrJohn,

I just checked my Answers list and one of the threads I mentioned seems to have been removed.

The other is "Can I Repair/Replace a Phillips SACD Transport".