Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista vs. Krell FBI

Hi All:

Kindly share your opinions about the high wattage integrated amplifiers from Musical Fidelity like, Tri-Vista 300, KW500, KW550 vs. Krell FBI. I know that these Musical Fidelity integrated amplifiers are hybrid and the Krell FBI is all solid state but that is the point of comparison.

Also which one of them made you say, “I am experiencing new details in my song”.

For about a year I've been using an MF TriVista 300, after years of high-end separates (several Audio Research combos, Classe Omega, etc), and I find that I prefer the MF overall. It's got boatloads of power, can do whatever bass that's in the source material, but also can convey the delicacy of strings, bells, etc. This is the only MF piece I've owned, but when I'm in the market for electronics in the future, I will definitely see what MF has to offer...
I have a  MF TriVista 300 which is now down [my fault] but sounded very good. Not as good as my CJ 350 but close. You can split it into amp and pre sections by opening the case and taking the RCA links out and putting new ones in. 

Krell FBI has superior tonal accuracy and timbre...also clearer sounding.  Tri Vista is very good but just a smidge less authentic to source.
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