Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista vs. ARC CD 3

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anybody has compared these two units in redbook mode. I would like to try SACD, but, as my collection is 99.99% redbook, if I make a change, I would like it to also be an "upgrade" in redbook playback as well.

Also, to throw in one more complication, I am using an all Audio Research system in balanced mode, so the Tri-Vista would mean running a SE input into the pre amp which will then output a balanced signal to my XLR only amps. So, the second part of the equation would be possible degradation of the sound due to not really having a balanced signal? I suppose my ARC preamp would be generating a "psudo" balanced output? I do not have my pre amp's schematic, so I do not know how this is done, I know that my existing CD player uses a DAC chip that has an inverted output, so it is truely a balanced player.

If there is another SACD player in this price range I should consider, please let me know, if I do make a change, I want to have SACD capabilty as well. Also, I would like to keep my pre-amp in the system, so more expensive units that go direct to the amps would not be considered.


arc cd3
The ARC CD3 is redbook only. You can run it SE into the preamp and still have fully balanced preamp outputs. This CD is of excellent build quality and can be upgraded to the CD3 MKII. It is extremely accurate, detailed and exhibits almost little of the harshness the plagues many CD players. It is also a top loader which avoids many of the mechanical problems of sliding drawers.