Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista or Nu-Vista?

I've got my eye on a Tri-Vista Integrated and wondered if these are still a good investment considering that new models have been released since their inception. Are the tubes readily available for this model and are they easy to install? I read somewhere that someone chose the Nu-Vista instead because it was easy to change tubes. Also, how far apart can I seperate the power supply from the chassis with the cables provided? I'm looking to drive my Von Schweikert VR-jr's with a nice high power integrated and the Tri-vista looks good. Any pros or cons?
Personally I find the Nu-Vistas much nicer. They're warmer overall, gives an analog impression. I have the M3 integrated and the 3D CD player, and together they are very nice indeed. I'm particularly fond of the CD player, I think this is a very good player that works well even today, six years and counting.

I've listened to the Tri-Vista several times, and they are slightly more detailed overall, with better slam. But, they are quite boring to my ears.. The Nu-Vistas are much more musical to my ears, and most of all much less "digital".

Musical Fidelity have spare nuvistors for all units shipped, if you need to replace them they can do it for you, or you could probably do it yourself - I haven't tried. Worth noticing is that nuvistors have a very long lifespan - some project 10-15 years. I've had mine for 6 years and despite heavy usage I haven't noticed any degradation. :)

The M3 has lots of power, it shouldn't be a problem for your VR's although I haven't heard this combo myself. I have them partnered to a pair of old Dynaudio Contour 3.3's, and that works very well. If your speakers are neutral in tone, it will probably work just fine. Not so with the Tri-Vistas; they need something warmer to open up, perhaps Sonus Fabers would do the trick. Playing these on neutral speakers will sound too analytical and slightly cold and boring - to my ears anyway.

The M3 comes bundles with two pairs of power cables; the short one is about 3 feet (1m) and the longer one about double that (I didn't measure; check the MF web site, they probably have details).

If you decide to get these - make sure to pay attention to cables, they make all the difference. Stay well away from Nordost and similar analytical cables, they don't partner well at all I've found. I've had great success with Zu cables, the Varial interconnect sounds great on the CD for example, and so does the Mother power chord.

Good luck! :)