Musical Fidelity Tri Vista & KW Sacd Players

Can anyone detail the sound quality differences between these two players?
either is superb, if you want the option of sacd, then go kw....they are similiar and both superb in detail...dwhitt
Some parts of TriVista's transport mechanism circuit board are out of stock/production. In Hong Kong, some brokedown TriVistas cannot be repaired and the sole agent has a trade-in offer for replacing them with new KW SACD Players. The TriVista is now dead in the used market in Hong Kong.

Make sure to ask your local MF agents about this before buying any used TriVista.
Thanks for the responses.

I've also read that the transport and parts availability issues affect the KW player as well - is this true?

I was considering one of these two players as an upgrade from my Tri Vista 21 dac. Interestingly, an MF dealer didn't feel either player would offer a significant enough difference as far as an "upgrade" is perceived. He thought the Tri Vista dac was one of their better units and an outstanding bargin at it's price.