Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 & B&W Nautilus 803

Hi all.
I'm upgrading, very slowly, my hi-fi system. Now it is composed of:
- speakers: B&W Nautilus 803
- amp: Musical Fidelity A3
- cd: Teac DV-50
- cable: AirCable
The amp is not able to give enought current to drive the loudspeakers, and miss in definition, then the next step is to change it.
Well, I've tried some combinations of pre and final:
- pre Sarat (tubes, local constructor) + NET final (100W, mosfet)
- pre Sarat + 2 Monarchy Audio SM-70 (70, BJT, Class A)
- pre EC-3 + AW100 Electrocompaniet
Each one surpasses the MF, but has some minor drawbacks.
I'm going to try the MF Tri-Vista 300, that a lot of reviews and dealers give with good machine.
I've not listen to it, then my question is: did someone try this combination? At the same price are there other good choices?
Thanks in advance.
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I believe I have suggested this to you before, a Jeff Rowland Concentra II and the N803's is an excellent match! I owned this setup for awhile a it is very good.
I'm sure either the TRIVISTA or the Concentra II would be an excellent match for your N803s. MF matches well with B&W. Good luck.
as does Classe! I really enjoyed a demo of the N803's mated to a Classe 301. As I'm not in general a B&W fan, this combo had me rethinking things! And of course, word is that B&W has acquired Classe, so that in itself is worth considering. Cheers and good luck.
I think you'd be doing OK if you could find an MF A300cr amp (225 wpc). I think there's one up for sale here for about $1,600. I'm using one with my N804s and the sound is awesome.