Musical Fidelity - Tri-Vista 21 DAC for Tidal and streaming


My current setup comprises of Music Fidelity A308 integrated, B&W 7CDM SE speakers and Bluesound 2i. I almost exclusively listen to music via streaming (Tidal) no CD or other sources.

I was thinking of adding the MF Tri-Vista 21, have a chance to source one here used, but wanted to understand if it will be compatible with the Bluenode 2i (digital optical output)? I understand the Music Fidelity does not have MQA.

Is it worth getting an old Music Fidelity DAC or should I look at some newer offerings like Denafrips Ares, Gustard etc.


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i have a trivista dac with a modded output stage, it is just terrific and works fine fed by my node via digital coax out


I had a friend's old Tri Vista in my system (1 week)  about a month ago. Regardless of its age I can vouch for the sound quality which is very good and natural. You could do far worse.