Musical Fidelity strange noise. HELP

My relatively new Musical Fidelity KW550 integrated amp recently started to have static-like noise only on left channel. The strange part is that it doesn't change by volume control or mute. It's exactly the same volume regardless the input or level of the volume control. It seems like once the unit starts to warm up. The noise gradually decreases and disappears.
Anybody can help me with this please? Thanks in advance
Your problem is either one of two things. When the industry changed over to lead free solder, many manufacturers had some difficulty working with it. MF gear in particular had a rash of "bad" solder joints that caused issues as you describe. The other probable cause would be a tube in the pre-amp section has become noisy or unseated in socket. Open the case up and swap the tubes to the opposite channel. See if that cures the noise or if the noise follows the tube.

Good luck

I think I had something similar with my M3 I bought used last fall. I could hear a sound like static on the left channel. The bad news is I never figured out what it was; the good news is it went away. Haven't heard it in several months. May yours do the same.
I switched the tube and still has the same static noise from left channel. I kept it on and when the unit warms up like 5 mins, the noise slowly fades away and disappears.
Wonder what I should do next?
Then the cause is most probably a bad solder joint. I'd send it to Rick at signal Path (last I checked they still are MF service center).
Rick Walker will take care of it.