Musical Fidelity - Silver finish faceplates

Hi guys
I have had several Musical Fidelity amps over the years and i have found that the silver face plates from the Kw series onwards seem to mark very easily , i am not talking about obvious miss treatment by knocking it on a rack , just small scratches as if done by running a say dry folded tissue to dust off . Maybe they need a silk cloth ? , has anyone else noticed there unit be it Kw ,X series, and A5 series displaying this ? I have a Kw 500 that in certain light shows a small scratch , flick on the lounge room light and it can not be seen as if it is not there at all. Never seen this with any other brands i have owned.
I Really like Musical Fidelity amps but they just seem to mark easily. Cheers.
Never use tissue or paper based cloths for dusting. Too abrasive and will scratch.

One word - Microfiber! I use it for everything - Plasma Glass Displays, all my compoents and even light dusting of my speakers (without wax or polish of course).
Hi Paraneer

Tissue paper maybe to abrasive .
I have found that the silver finish on the M/Fidelity newer A Series and KW Series seem to be like a powder coat finish rather than a brushed look ( Moon stone finish ) is what i read somewhere , seems to show dirt easily in the micro pores , I had a X10v3 i bought brand new so was unmarked but found that the powder coat type finish seems very thin , even a finger nail while moving it would cause a a scratch , i really like Musical Fidelity amps but sometimes wonder if the casing is durable , another problem i have found is replacement front panels for M/Fidelity seem to be non existent from the factory. I guess that could be said of other brands . Maybe i might have to settle for black components in the future .

Cheers. :)