Musical Fidelity Seperates v,s Plinius 8200 II int

I am in processs of upgrading my system. What are thoughts of using either Musical Fidelity A3.2cr Preamp and amp verses Plinius 8200 Mk II intergrated amp. The rest of my system is Marantz SA8260 player and Dynaudio Aud 70's

Also, would I see benefit in adding Musical Fidelity X-10v3 tube buffer to SA8260. This player's SACD playback is exellent but I feel Redbook could be improved a little.
All comments welcomed
Don't know about the amp/pre amp but, if you get the X-10v3 tube buffer make sure you get the external power supply with it. The differnce with and without is dramatic.

I just replaced the Musical Fidelity solid state power equipment in my main system with Prima Luna tube equipment. I originally had an A3 integrated that I replaced (after a year) with an A300 CR power amp and CD PRE 24 cd player/preamp combination. I always felt that the the MF amplifiers were eloquent sounding, but after hearing the Prima Luna amplifiers the music was so much more alive and musical sounding.

I am currently using a Prima Luna Prologue 2 integrated in my secondary system (Omega Super 3 speakers; SONY SCD 555 ES SACD player) and a Prima Luna Prologue 5 power amp in my main system (MF CD PRE 24 and AR 302 speakers).

The Prima Luna brand is carried by Upscale Audio . Definitely worth checking out and you would not require the MF tube buffer ... you would already be using tubes.

Regards, Rich
Musical Fidelity A3.2cr Preamp is a very good pre. I wish I still had mine. It was sold when I went with one system. The phono stage is also quite good.

Good luck.

Hi - I have recently replaced a Plinius pre-amp/Plinius 8200P power amp combination with a Ming Da MC3008AB class A single ended tube amp. It uses 805 and 300B valves. I have worried after using Plinius and before that McLaren (Kiwi built SS power) that valves would not have the speed and power I like. No need to worry this 40W per channel integrated amp has amazing output - who says valves can’t do bass, but with a whole new level of vocal finesse and musicality. I am a Plinius fan from way back, but if you are looking at a tube buffer why not make the leap to the other side. I’m now looking at replacing my Perreaux phono pre to a Ming Da valve unit to have tubes all the way.