Musical Fidelity's Nu-Vista 3D CD player anyone?

anyone has any info about this player? does it worth
$5000 dollar price tag? did anyone auditioned it? recent stereophile review says that it's one of "the best" player availible, and in HiFi news, it also got very high ratings. what are your take on this?

any opinions/comments are welcome.

Stereophile gave it Class "A". Never listened to it. Not even sure where to buy Musical Fidelity anymore now that they've axed Are you interested solely in CD? Or are you looking at SACD or DVD-A as well?
i am just using it for CD. i have hundreds of redbook audio CD and i am not willing to give them up just yet. i read the stereophile reviews and it doesn't really give me a lot of info. it was compared with Marantz SA-1 which is a SACD player. i wonder if anyone actually listened to the product side-by-side with another CD player in the same price range. or it is just a marketing gimmick from MF.

Haven't heard it, but would love to! Check with and get me one too while you're at it!