Musical Fidelity remote codes for universal remote

I do have my a5 integrated's original remote...but prefer another so I can prog it with other equipments remotes too. This is my second "learning remote" each time have been left with a kind of flakey volume control...(those that have tried will know what I am saying)...volume works intermittently rather than smoothly with the original. (have to have two up down keys and alternate).

Anyone know if they share another manufacturer's operation would be more consistent?

I have the feeling using a compatible code will work better than learning the function. But then again, maybe MF does something unique...?
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The best bet would be one of Phillips according to past experience with other hi fi units. I have a Nuvista M3 and a Kw line stage but haven't had [or wanted] to use a universal remote. I get most of my exercise looking for the three or four I use now.
revive an old post did you ever find the codes for that nuvista i still have a m3 and my remote got damaged...
No...the mf approach is  flakey as hell....never found anything as as stable as an original mf remote...proprietary its best. So sad.
I read somewhere pioneer remotes will work there CD players.