Musical Fidelity or Michi for B&W 702

Just curious about everyone's opinion, I have a pr. of B&W 702 signature and am looking for an integrated amp. I'm considering the Musical Fidelity M8xi or the Michi X3 or X5, open to other suggestions as well if you have or have heard the 702's. 


What amp do you have now, and what improvements/sound characteristics are you looking for?

So, what sound characteristics are most important to you and looking for with the new amp? This info is critical to getting meaningful and useful recommendations.

I had a Musical Fidelity M8s-500s power amp with 702 S2’s and I didn’t like the pairing - too bright and not engaging.  I’m currently running a Coda no8 with the S2’s which I greatly prefer.  I’d switch the speakers before the amp.  

I use an Musical Fidelity ms8 preamp with Parasound Jc5

My vote would be the MX8i integrated .

+1, My vote is also with the MX8i integrated amp.  I own the Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amp and like it very much.