Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA M3 VS KW500

Hi Guys...........Please help............
Currently, I've sold all of my equipments, but kept my lovely Hales T-5 speaker. I want a fresh start with intergrated amp, instead of seperate amp & preamp.
So I'm pretty much need your input.....PLEASE!!!!!
With my Hales T-5 speaker:
1 - The different between Nu-Vista M3 and KW500. These are both high end from Musical Fidelity.
2 - How about a comparision the above with other manufacture such as Mark Levinson ML 338, Jeff Rowland Concentra Mark 1 or any other suggestion. I've tried Krell 400xi and not really like it (It's just my taste, no doubt Krell is a top audio production). It's too power, agressive, grainy and textures. I prefer something in full range detail, easy, relax listening, but yet quick snap punch base. I need at least above 100 watts for the speaker. My previous set up is full Classe system.
I'm really appreciated for your help.........

I use the M3 and am very happy with it. I chose it over the 500 on the basis of the fact that has fewer output devices and therefore a simpler circuit while having enough power for any conceivable use I might have. I also liked the gold front which the 500 does not have. I checked the forums before I bought and the opinion was split as to which was the better. Check Audioreviews and Audio Asylum and others for a wide assortment of views. I have seen few which didn't like both amps.
I had the NuVista Preamp an 300 amp a few years back and they had a great sound, so those are very nice. I heard the Pass integrated recently, I am not sure on price, and it was absolutely stellar, and my boss just got a Cary SLI80 and couldn't be happier, it's fantastic.

Good luck.
incredible speakers that love a bit of power. all that you're considering are fine.
Nice speakers! Very efficient as well. The difference between the M3 and the KW500 is more than just power. With the Hales speakers, the M3 would be powerful enough. Plus, the sound of the M3 is better (clarity and transparancy) than the KW500 and the KW550. The KW500 is brute, and it is tempting to want that power. I was about to purchase the KW550 and was fortunate enough to talk to Musical Fidelitys ex service manager, who has a pristine reputation. He immediately told me to grab the M3. Much better sound quality, he said. I am glad I did. I tried ML and Krell, they were good, but not as good as the M3...Just my humble opinion.