Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Interconnects

I have a new Tri-Vista Integrated amp and will probably try to buy a Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista CD player or the 308. I was wondering if anyone had any comments about the Nu-Vista interconnects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also should I go with Nordost on the interconnects, how does the Red Dawn Revision II compare with the Valkyrja? Is it a significant step down? Thanks.
I have not heard the red dawn but have tried the SPM and that did not work well at all. SPM seem to compress the highs. I now use the Valhalla and the difference is night and day. I also tried Synergistic Research and they worked very good also.
I have the MF A308cr pre-amp and amp, and the Tri-Vista 21 DAC. I recabled (PC's included) with the Sonoran Plateau line from They're much quieter and more detailed than the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II's and Magnan Type Vi interconnect, AudioQuest Sterling (50% silver and 50% copper) speaker cables and the Synergistic Research PC's that I had been using, and the only around $500.00 a run. I actually bought them when I still had my Krell, Theta and Conrad-Johnson pieces, but they seem not to be bothered by whatever equipment you have. I think the key is in the shielding.
I use the Harmonix Golden Performance ICs. Absolutely, drop dead, amazing. They are my third and hopefully final upgrade. Bought, unheard, on the recommendation of a golden earred buddy of mine, who traded in all his Vahallas for the Harmonix line, including speaker cables and power cords. When I have the $$, the speaker cables will be next. peace, warren
I own the Musical Fidelity NuVista interconnects.

The Nu Vista cable line uses OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) wire, silver for the interconnects and copper for the speaker cable.

It works well with my Sony SCD-C333ES player, which is one the dark, rich, full, but slow side. The cable itself is a bit bright, not very full in the bass, and works well in the right settings. Overall, I consider it a very good value as you are getting a well made, well shielded silver cable for not a lot of money.

I would say it is definitely less agressive than Nordost, and have personally heard it in an excellent sounding all Musical Fidelity system, though I forget the speakers that were present. Not surprisingly, it works very well with Musical Fidelity gear, balancing its richness so long as the speakers and room are not already too bright.

In the grand scheme of things, I personally think three other cables that I own sound better in a more neutral or forward system, Coincident CST, HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace, and Millersound. However, if the system needs to wake up a bit or a bit more zip, the MF NuVista is a good move.