Musical Fidelity Nu Vista CD vs. Cary 306/200 CD

thinking about dumping my MF nu vista cd player for a cary 306/200. anyone got an opinion? anyone owned both these items?

using a tri vista integrated amp and totem forest speakers, by the way. anlysis plus cables and interconnects.

Personally, I think it'd be a bad move to dump the nu-vista. I went from a Cary to the nu-vista and haven't looked back. The sound, quality and construction of the MF are far above the Cary. What is it about the MF that you're not happy with?
I own the 306/200, I previously owned the MF A3. I haven't
had the pleasure of owning a Nu-Vista but i did audition it
before buying.

The N.V, I thought was a bit more resolveing than the Cary
but drier and colder. The Cary has more of a tube sound than the N.V. even though it has tubes. To me The Cary makes cd's more listenable and musical.

The A3 was a bright and fatigueing player, even with my ProAc Response 2.5's which are a fairly mellow speaker.

The Totem speakers are revealing and not exactly on the
warm side, but excellant speakers. That being what you are acustomed to, you would definately hear a differance with the Cary.

I have Mani II's, and ProAc Response 2.5's speakers. The Cary is just sweet with both speakers. Warm and musical
with the Proacs, beautifull midrange, endlessly enjoyable.

With the Totems I lost that midrange sound but gained resolution across the board. But the Cary still kept things
smooth and enjoyable and a bit on the warm side.

I could live with either of the choises, but I would choose
the Cary again. It is the more flexable of the two to me.
Plus it's not the darling of the magazines either, I seem
to like that aspect also.

I am obviously no reviewer, but I hope this helps a bit.

Happy New Year!

i'm not displeased with the nu vista - just always checking out other options. i was considering the cary with the optional volume control, and running it right into a pair of ASL hurricane monoblocks. no pre amp.

whatcha think about that?

Back again,
The subject of running straight into an amp with a volume
control on the player has come up many times. I even tried it myself, but I used a Placette remote volume control.

My results were a system that was dissapointing. The results were something like rolling your windows down while
driveing in the winter, very invigorating, but none of the
comforts of home. Plus you dont want to do it for very long.

No warmth, low end thinned out, things went more to the sterile side. Some like it that way, but I didnt.

Of course I'm exagerating, but no pre amp lost absolutely hands down in all areas when I bought a Supratek Syrah pre
amp. I wish we were neighbors, I would let you borrow mine
and I have no doubt you would love what you have been miss-
ing, and are going to be missing(no longer exagerateing).

Something tells me though that you are going to try it any-
way, you kids just like to learn the hard way.

Have fun man.
I had a Cary 303/200 and tried it direct into the amp. In a word, it was AWFUL! I'm currently running the Nu-Vista into a BAT VK-3i pre-amp and the sound is awesome. Quite wonderful, really.
actually, charlie, i'm probably not going to try it. just always exploring my options.

thanks for the insight! you guys have been very helpful.
I tested the 306/200 last year before buying the MF 308cr cd. I really liked the sound of the 306, but when I tried to play a cd-rw the player couldn't read it.