Musical Fidelity m6 500i vs Mcintosh ma 7000

Just so you know Ive own the Mcintosh ma 7000 integrated amp and its sounds very dry and unmusical. The Musical Fidelity m6 500i kills it and anything in its reach. Watts kill and its very musical. The bass is solid and milds are smooth and sweet. It is the last amp I will own. Its that good. Ive been in this game 25 yrs and now I can finally go out on top. Try it..............its that good.
I had the M6-500i, and had a different result. The amp sounded great driving Dyn's C1's while doing the store demo, but with my then speakers (PMC) the amp sounded terrible. I suspect the amp does a great job driving less sensitive speakers with its excellent power In the end, I got rid of it and moved to a Modwright KWI-200 and have not looked back.

But I agree the MF is a great amp in its own right and with good system matching it is a great choice.
Yeah, system synergy is key. Get speakers figured out and then dial in the perfect amp for them.
I 100% agree with Bossjay. I also own the M6500i with a pair of Dynaudio C4's. Excellent,quiet,minimal heat & plenty of power, 500 watts @ 8 ohm & nearly 900 watts @ 4 ohm. Music sounds fantastic. Power with finesse.
My system
Musical Fidelity M6500i
Dynaudio Confidence C4's
Integra Research RDV1.1 Univeral player
Synergistic Element Tungsten speaker cables
Synergistic Acclerator RCA's (upgrade pending)
Musical fidelity m6 500i is the best integrated to this day. For around $3000 to $3500 on the used market for a pristine piece and you got the best bargain in stereo equipment period. I've had mine for several years and it is as quiet as the day I bought. Blistering power and sounds beautiful. Will never have anything else.