Musical Fidelity M5Si vs Rotel 1592 Integrated

I'm torn between these 2 amps for a smaller room roughly 12x12 and have narrowed my search between these two integrateds for my KEF LS50s.  I heard the Musical Fidelity at a dealer recently and loved the sound it reproduced.  Very clean and smooth maybe a little warmer than I'm used to. I have owned Rotel in the past and thought they were great but maybe a tad bright. Has anyone had experience with either one?  The Rotel is at the top of my budget and I don't really need all the features but the built in DAC in both is what I like since I mostly use digital as my source.  I know they are both great products but any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am actually in a trial with the MF and have it at home to audition.  My dealer did not have a Rotel to demo (had the 1570 but not the 1592). Thought the 1570 was very nice but a little fatiguing after about 30 mins of use.  If anyone has any input on how the 1592 sounds in comparison to the 1570 as well that'd be awesome.  Thanks!
I've never heard these side by side, but in my mind, there is no comparison...MF has a better sound stage, smooth, yet detailed, yet not fatiguing. Plus just lets music flow better...
I'm not saying that the Rotel is a poor product,  Just not quite the same league.
I own a Musical Fidelity M6si, so I'm naturally biased to recommend the 5si. I have no experience with the Rotel. The MF sounds grate to me.
MuFi amps are excellent in my experience.
Having previously owned some good Rotel gear, I would go with Music Fidelity.

I concur on the Musical Fidelity....I have been using the M6Si for two years and think it is a great piece.  I can't speak to the internal DAC though as I have used a dedicated DAC.  FWIW, I just upgraded to an amp costing several magnitudes more than the MF, and although it is better, the difference is subtle and a great testament to the quality and attractive price of the M6Si.  
Currently I have both the RA1570 and the RA1592 at my home, I will be doing an a/b and will post my impressions.  My brother has the MF 6i integrated so I have some idea of MF gear. 

My main rig is far beyond any of those so it would be nice to be able to contrast and compare.  

My initial thoughts are that the 1592 is a great piece.