Musical Fidelity M3i or two M1 PWR

I've been using an MF M3i as my main amp/preamp. I really like the I do all the MF equipment I've tried so far.

I just got an M1 Clic at a greatly reduced price ($449). It's great, as I have a ton of music in digital format. $2000, the original price, was out of my budget, but I jumped on it at the lower price.

Anyway, I didn't plan on it - I was just going to use it as a digital hub - but now I'm running everything - CD player, TT - through the M1 Clic, using it as a preamp and really just using the M3i as an amp. (I was going to upgrade my CD player, a Marantz 6004, but now I'm just using it as a transport).

My question is, since the M1 PWRs are now also being sold at a big discount ($499 apiece), would I be better off geting a pair of those for a grand and using them as monoblocks? I could probably get that much for the M3i used, as they're still going for $1500.


Speakers: :KEF LS50
TT: Rega RP 1
Phono Stage: MF VLPS
CD: Marantz 6004