musical fidelity m3cd,m3i,focal 726v

as a newbie here, i just want to ask about my set, i have focal 726v and pairing it with m3cd and m3i, with silverscreen chord, and chord crimson vee3 interconnect, ask for opinion from seniors. is it a good pairing or i can do better? thankss before
"is it a good pairing or i can do better?"

Yes and yes.

One can always do better, no matter what. But it takes time and effort usually.

First step is to know what your "reference sound" is. Go to live events with good sound setup/acoustics, or attend shows or see dealers for demos of the best sound possible. Then know it when you hear it, and do what you need to over time to achieve it. DO it in small well researched steps. Buy used unless you are sure you know the sound you will get. New gear depreciates. Used gear can be tried and resold as needed without taking a huge financial hit.