musical fidelity m3 phono input

In Fremer's review in Stereophile he states that the phono input can be adjusted for MM or MC. The manual states it is only MM. Fremer stated that the change is made by moving a dip switch internally. Manual says opening the case voids the warranty. since there is no longer a warranty on the item I purchased, that isnt an issue. but is there really a dip switch inside to go between MM and MC?
Yes there is. Just undo the screws for the top plate and take a look inside. I can't remember where it is exactly, but I do recall that it was pretty obvious.
Miker is correct. I get better results from mine using a Bob's Devices SUT into the MM input but that is an extra expense. Also not mentioned is that you can seperate the pre and amp sectiones by simply disconnecting the ICs between them. When I tried this I found that the pre section is quite good; I compared it to the MF kW line stage which cost as much as the whole M3 and was in Stereophile's Class A. The kW was better but it was not night and day. The SUT is a good investment if you use a lot of vinyl.