musical fidelity kw250s

Hello my friends , I’m a new member from the sunny GREECE my name is antonis and I have some questions
My setup consists of B&W 805s – Musical Fidelity Kw250s – Benchmark Dac1 Usb – Audioquest Colorado Rca ( For Benchmark ) – Audioquest Volcano Speakers Cables – Silver Audio Power Burst Cable for Mf and an isolator made by a greek company with a 3.5kw power
Will I earn something else if I go from kw250s to kw550 ?
I am pretty satisfied with my setup but something’s bothering me in the high frequencies , my other choice will be the CLASSE CA-2200 which I heard thoroughly
Do you know any other choice that I can have for the 805s? I mean integrated amplifier of mid – high cost?
Thank you in advance for any answers
I'll just throw this out. I'd look at the speakers as the culprit as I've never heard a B&W speaker that didn't sound wrong in the high frequencies. Do you have any other speakers you could try to see if the issue is the B&W's or something else?
As a matter of fact the problem might be the room
I tried some acoustic treatment with some canvas paintings and things got better
Also the VAN DEN HUL the first performed better in terms of mid - high frequencies
Also tried a friend’s 805 MATRIX that were better on high frequencies but not so analytical and bit boomy in the same room
Should I go for a TUBE amp ? but what should happen in the terms of high volume levels which I need for symphonic music?
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