Musical Fidelity KW Mono's or Chord SPM 1400E's

I've got a tough decision to make. Stay with my Musical Fidelity KW Monoblocks which I have connected single ended to a Chord Electronics CPA 5000 Preamp or spring for a pair of Chord SPM 1400E monoblocks that I can connect balanced? I've always heard to get the most out of the Chord Preamp I should run it with Chord amps.


Although the match may be great with the Chord amplifiers it may also be too much in the same flavor, unless I could live with both amps and or hear it in my own system I would be cautious as you may muck up the system.
I have the Chord CPA 5000 preamp now mated to a set of KW Monoblocks. It sounds great but wonder if an all Chord system would be better.
If it ain't broke don't fix it.
If you combine the Chord amp and pre-amp, the nature of the sound will be that of the front end,not the amp or preamp. With my Chord combo I used both the EMM Labs combo (original version)and the Magnum Dynab tuner as front end componants,,,a completely different rendering. Also, as you know, the Chord is open, detailed, fast, resolving, etc: the front end will need to be a little forgiving,, ie: not Esoteric.
Just my opinion.
Appreciate your comments. Understand the issue of front end balance. My front end is a QSonix server to Accustic Arts Tube DAC II. Raven AC3 TT with ASR Basis Exclusive 2010 Phono Preamp. I did away with my Esoteric gear several years ago. I got tired of sifting through 800 plus cd's.

Appreciate your comments. The Chord equipment is revealing.