Musical Fidelity is really makin me mad

Okay, I agree I'm not the most patient person in the world but Musical Fidelity is really upsetting me. First of all, there is no e-mail address on their website; does anyone know how to e-mail musical fidelity direct? I've been waiting for what seems like forever to get my dac repaired under factory warranty. The board went out on it 6 months after I bought it.
Has anyone else out there experienced this crappy customer service from musical fidelity? My advice to you would be not to buy anything from musical fidelity, and if you have to get parts from them, just throw your broken component in the trash and move on.
Have you tried calling your country's distributor?
I'll heed your advice B_limo.

Actually, Musical Fidelity has never had any gear that has tempted me to purchase it in the first place. They spend all of their marketing money buying Scotch for Sam Tellig. ;)
the us distributor has had my v-link since august. it broke under warranty. total run around ever since. commitments to ship me a new one twice not met. i offered to accept the worst looking refurb or pay the difference toward a mk 2. no answer. left emails and messages. i just get run around and audio advisor is even worse. they tell me how great the guys are there. well thats nice huh? no answers. i have not gotten ugly with anyone and have told my story. i.ll never buy anything from either company again. they are either too busy or are liars. no other explanation is imagineable.
Thank you Hotmail, now I know I'm not alone.
A liitle off the subject, but I agree with Hotmailjbc
about Audio Advisor. I've been banned from their 30 day no questions asked return policy because I sent two items back in 2012. One of them was defective.
These companies should spend half of there adverstising budget on customer support.
tempo sales, mfers us distributor has told me twice that the "ship" is held in customs or some such delay. i guess they can detect i have never been let out of the house much by my parents and will believe anything.....
I see there is no USA distributor for MF. I have a Tri Vista DAC and wanted to contact service. Right now....Forgettaboutit.

I've heard some horror stories from friends on audio as well, the techs seem to be rude with customers and doesn't give helpful advice.

Try this email:
indra@musicalfidelity dot com
sent 2 more polite emails early last week. no reply. i do believe i OWN this product. how can i even get it back so i can crush it with a hammer? hashashash. it is only a 1700 mile drive. i would like to walk in and see how they deal with a irate customer face to face? i,m on the verge of describing them in less that steller words.
Still waiting forthe repair shop to receive a new board from musical fidelity which was supposed to be here last week. Just to reiterate here, in the time I dropped my dac off to be sent out for repair, I have sold my studio 60's, went back to studio 20's, bought and sold a pair of vandersteens, sold my studio 20's, bought a pair of kefs, borrowed and returned a "loaner dac", bought a parasound z dac, bought two pairs of new interconnects, sold my denon dvd 2900, bought a musical fidelity a3.2 cd player, ordered and recieved acoustic panels, and ordered a power supply upgrade for my wadia 170 and a lightspeed attenuator (both of which were built for me and have been shipped and are on the way). I've quit a job and started a new career selling homes and have sold three homes. I've also bought my girlfriend an engagement ring.

I wouldn't be suprised if I get married, and buy and build my first home and have my first child before I see my dac again.

My point to this rather lengthy post is that a lot of people can get a lot of $hit done in the same time that it takes for my v dac to get repaired under factory warranty.
During that time, you bought another MF product?
03-28-13: Fjn04
During that time, you bought another MF product?

LOL! It would seem so. Some folks are gluttons for punishment. B_Limo, they obviously already have your money, and don't care about providing you with a 'free' fix under warranty. Their initials aren't MF for no reason. :)
Lol, I know, and I bought it because it's pretty and matches my preamp :-)
I only paid $150 for it so whatever, and the dac in it sounded way better than anything I had at the time.
Dump out on it Keep on Truckin!!
Congratulations on the engagement! May your new career take off as the home market seems to be starting up again.

As for your troubles with MF, I hope they come through for you and this will all be behind you.

All the best,
Wow nonoise, thanks! What a gentleman :-)
i recieved a email yesterday from tempo [mfers u.s. distributor] saying they were no longer associated with mf and they would be sending me a new v-link asap. not holding my breath but at least i finally got a response.
Latest update: three weeks ago I was told by bammel tv that musical fidelity had located a board for my dac and that it was being sent to bammel tv and that bammel would have it in a week (should have arrived at bammel two weeks ago). When I called bammel yesterday for an update, the girl at bammel was rude and short with me, telling me that there was an issue with the warranty and that she would be calling the store where I purchased it. I asked if she was implying that I would just be recieving a new dac from the store where I purchased it and she got snippy and said that's not what she was saying at all and would not discuss it further with me.
I called the store where I bought it and they were suprised that I hadn't gotten my dac back and they are calling the mf rep to see if they can get an ra number to get me a new mf dac.
From now on, I will be referring to musical fidelity as mf, and bammel tv as the mf repair shop :-)
my update. i called audio advisor customer service and told my tale again. they got on it and a week later called back saying a new v-link would be on its way from tempo sales. yesterday i recieved a new v-link 11 [even tho i sent a v-link 1] which is a nice upgrade. 9 months. audio advisor called again to check on delivery. i had really given up because i wasn't going to let 150 buck purchase ruin my day[s]. i am convinced that without the last call to customer service at audio advisor i would have never seen the v-link 11.
saaweet! glad to hear that you got a new v-link!! are you selling it before it breaks, to someone who hopefully hasn't read this thread, lol, ;-)
haha,,,not much confidence spreading from this discussion....i didn't realize mfs ability to direct people to choosing products from other manufacturers. i'm gonna use it till it breaks but i have moved on....
Laughed seeing the first reply of Jmcgrogan2's--so true! One of the reasons I stopped subscribing to Stereophile was Tellig's Musical Fidelity fanboy column and the tons of adverts for them in each issue. Can see it now--thirty cases of Scotch in someone's basement! Lol!!! "Unbiased" reviewing indeed.
Still recieving the run around... Tbc
Your experience is standard operating procedure for lots of companies out there in the hopes of your just moving along and forgetting the matter. That makes the good ones stand out amongst the chaff.

As long as it's not costing you anything more than the time it takes to hassle them, then by all means hassle them. :-)

All the best,
i read in some trade press mf has just hired a new national sales manager and a east/west coast rep firms. maybe if you catch them before the enthusiasm wears off they will solve some issues.
i read in some trade press mf has just hired a new national sales manager and a east/west coast rep firms. maybe if you catch them before the enthusiasm wears off they will solve some issues.
Update: Musical Fidelity is only direct sales now and that's supposedly thrown a slight kink in my situation with everything.
Anyhow, Listen Up came through and just said forget about it and gave me a brand new v-dac. I hooked it up and my parasound z dac that I bought as an interim dac, absolutely crushes the v-dac with pangea p-100. I'm selling the v- dac asap!
After all that!
Glad to hear you resolved your issue.
Now if I read of any more MF purchases....

All the best,
Lol, only mf sales from here on out.