Musical Fidelity Integrated Amps

What do you guys know about Musical Fidelitys XA-2
integrated amp?
I have the A3 and the XA1.The "family" sound is evident.They are very very quiet in terms of background noise-it is TOTALLY nonexistent.The bass is softer,with the xa1,probably because of the reduced power,and my speaker's (Alon II) 10" woofer,than with the A3.If I have a criticism,in comparison to much more expensive amps,they seem "softer",with less cutting transients,than the very best amps.
There is a pro review of the X-A2 at this site - (click reviews at the top of the page). Further down the page is a link to the "old" reviews which include the X-A1 and the A3 (pretty certain that it is there). I own an X-A1 and based on this review passed on the X-A2 (not necessarily a wise decision). The review of the X-A1 is spot on, however. The differences between the X-A1 and the A3 are bass (as mentioned above) as well as a bit more clarity to voices (the A3) and a slightly warmer sound (the X-A1). Overall though I slightly prefer the mids of the X-A1 which I find to be more flattering though not as accurate. My X-A1 sounds its best when kept at moderate listening levels (plenty of volume for our medium sized room) and I am using 90db @ 4 ohm speakers. I suspect that it operates mainly in Class "A" at these levels. It still sounds very good at higher levels, but looses some of its magic. I now use it in a second system and also as a backup for my tube amp. The main amp is a 300B based SET and the fact that I also enjoy the sound of the X-A1 speaks highly of it, I think. Hopefully you will get some "real" feedback on the X-A2 model.