Musical Fidelity HT600?

Anyone own or have experience with the Musical Fidelity HT600 five channel amplifier? I am specifically looking for observations about its sonic performance, and comparisons with other amps in the $2000-$4000 range.
It's reviewed along with the matching pre/pro in the current SGHT - you might want to check that out. -Kirk
Eyeman,I have heard it, and have been lusting after it since. It has a richness that is difficult to describe. Lush, but with all the resolution and soundstaging you can ask for. Unless you have a speaker system that needs tons of power, you would be hard pressed to beat the HT600 at any price.
Does anybody know what's up with this? I visited the Audio Advisor website a while back and it looked like they were blowing these out cheap. Went back today and could not find it anywhere on site. When I did a search, I got a price of $995, but was told that the item was no longer available. I sent them an email asking for an explanation. If I get a useful response, I'll do a follow-up posting here.

I also have been lusting after one of these and hoped to pick one up later this year. Thought about buying one when I saw the price reduction, but I am in the proces of buying a house and have to control my "discretionary" spending until I close that deal.

I have not heard one, but was prepared to try out AA's money back guarantee. The SGHT review was very favorable on the HT600, but not as strong the the preamp/processor. Certainly worth the read.


It could be that the sales territory is changing. There was a new distributor in Canada a while back (4-5 months). Try checking the MF website for reps. I have also worked with a shop in Ontario that carries MF and the owner knows the new Canadian distributor personally. Their web address is: and the owner is a great guy.
The response I got from Audio Advisor is as follows: "We are out of stock at this time. We will have them back in stock in a while. We just took it off the site in the mean time." Musical Fidelity website still shows it as a current model and Audio Adviser as U.S. distributor. So, I guess this is just a temporary stocking situation. Canadian distributor may be prohibited from selling out of territory. I believe that AA can not sell MF to Canadians either.
I saw the review in SGHT and in Home Theater, and the area in the review concerning the amp seemed very positive, but both articles seemed to concentrate more on the pre/pro and its quirks. I saw the amp for sale on audioadvisor for $995, which really surprised me, because if it is a good amp, then certainly that is an unbelievable deal for it. It also concerns me that it was so cheap, because that may indicate that it is not selling because it has problems, or is not a good unit.
Eye, I had the same concerns that maybe this model was selling cheap because it was about to be discontinued. Based upon the response I got from AA and the fact that MF website shows it as a current product, I hope that this is just a stocking issue and AA was trying to clear out their remaining inventory. I also think that the $995 price may have been for demo or returned units. I intend to keep an eye on this as I am still interested in owning one of these beauties. Best of luck! Brady