Musical Fidelity Home Theater bypass loop?

Well I am not getting any responses in the Amp section so I will try HT. Anyone know if the MF A3.2 integrated has a home theater bypass built in, or if there is a modification for this. What I am trying to accomplish is to keep my HT reciever, which I like very much, but in addition have a higher quality 2-channel. I know that Sim Audio I5 and the Plinius 8200 MKII have this feature built in or as an option, so I have considered these. I would contact MF if I had a email address. Any help would be appreciated.
It does not, you could contact them and ask them to add this to your unit. should find them for you. Your reciever must have preamp outs for the L/R front channels or it will not work out. You can use any preamp, they do not have to have a bypass loop, it does make it much more easy to deal with though.
Thanks for your response. I went to the MF website and did not see any contact numbers, but I will try again.

I know it's probably a bit late to come to you with this, but for the benefit of whoever browses this in the future, the MF A3.2 integrated has been slightly upgraded.

Certainly the version I demoed initially is very different from the one I got from MF, new. I got my A3.2 integrated amp about a month ago and there are several changes to the one I was demoing. For instance, the front power led used to be an irritating red light, and now is the same blue of the others. Furthermore, the remote control steps to change the volume level, which were naggingly large, are now a lot shorter, making the remote control of sound levels effective.

One of the instructions on my new amp was indeed that it has a particular input (Aux2) that is designed to be used with home theater settings, and lets the sound pass through transparently.

I don't know from when MF started to ship this version of the A3.2 but for sure now they have this bypass option.

Hope this helps,