Musical Fidelity Encore Connect

I am going to be in the market for another cd player in the near future and would like to add a media server as well. I like the Esoteric k-05 and the Marantz sa-11-3 for cd spinners and have looked at the Bluesound vault2 as a server. I recently heard of the Musical fidelity Encore connect which looks like a viable solution versus buying two components. I have had a good experience with Musical Fidelity integrateds and cd players in the past. Anyone try this new line yet? I usually like to see how new tech works out rather than buying first editions before the kinks are removed.
I too am a owner of Musical Fidelity gear (M6si) and have had good experiences with it. So as far as brand goes I would give it a thumbs up.While I have little to no experience with their Encore, I don't believe it plays SACD, which the Esoteric k-05 and Marantz sa-11-3 can handle. Best of luck!