musical fidelity/conrad johnson - chan separation

hi there,

ok - so i've been looking for a preamp and I'll bringing home a couple to listen to tonight: conrad-johnson p 14 and a musical fidelity a3.2 (I know, apples and oranges...)

My question is this: what exactly does the channel separation of >85dB at 1kHz mean? I understand that the higher the channel separation=less channel leakage but I'm really having a hard time comparing that number to anything and conrad-johnson doesn't even offer a figure for it or even a s/n ratio :\

is this something I should even be concerned with? any input would be appreciated...greatly! :)

Just in case - the rest of my system:
rotel rb1080
b&w nautilus 804's
You do not need to be concerned about this channel-separation spec.; just listen carefully.

Conrad-johnson doesn't make a 'p 14' so perhaps you mean the PV14L2? If so, its s/n ratio is 98dB re 2.5v. out. If you mean Premier Fourteen, its s/n ratio is 96dB below 2.5v. out. These are from c-j's site.
dBs are ratios--I am presuming that means for a signal applied to the right channel, you will get that signal on the left channel at 85 dB below the level of the right channel. Since 3dB=double, the level of the undesired signal on one channel would be 1/60,000,000 (give or take a bit) of the desired signal on the other channel. Pretty negligible in my book...

I think... but I could be totally wrong...
er..yah, i meant the pv-14L :)

thanks for the info, guys. i tested out the preamps light night and the CJ blew the musical fidelity out of the water. if only it was a little more stylish/asthetically pleasing.. :\