Musical Fidelity comparison A5 CD to A3 24/192

Looking for feedback from someone who has had Both the A5 CD player and the A3 24/192 DAC. I currently have an A3 24/192 DAC in my system and am looking to upgrade. Is their a significant difference in the sound of these units? Would this be a recommended way to go? While I must say that while the sound of the DAC is not unpleasant, I am just looking for more depth and detail.
I don't have the A5 but I did compare the A3 to the A308cd and prefered the A308cd. The A5 is supposed to be comparable if not better then the A308.
You also have to take into account which transport and digital cable you are were or are using with any dac before you can compare the sound to a one box player imho. TG
Oh yea, forgot that important info.

I used a Sonsy S9000es as the transport. Transparent "Super" cable between.