Musical Fidelity CD-Pre24 Opinion

Anyone have any experience with this box? Seems like an odeal combination of a transport, DAC and preamp. My main concern is with the whole SACD/DVD-A debate. I don't want to invest in a new trasport until the smoke clears since I don't upgrade very often.
IMHO, you should get the BEST redbook player you can afford. There are some issues with alternative formats. First, SACD/DVD-A really sound great with titles recorded in those formats. However, most of the titles currently on SACD/DVD-A were recorded in the PCM format and, to my ears anyway, don't sound much better than remastered CDs or XRCDs played on a great redbook player.

Second, most of your collection is probably comprised of redbook CDs. Do you really plan on replacing your entire collection with SACD/DVD-A? Another problem is that a great many redbook titles are not and may never be available on SACD/DVD-A.

Third, I've not been too impressed with the redbook performance of combination CD/SACD machines.

Seems to me that a killer, dedicated redbook player is the way to go ... and, if you want SACD/DVD-A, get a cheap one for those formats.
Ditto the above, I couldn't agree more.
I was disappointed with it. I was expecting more from it. I tried it with the matching amp and ARC and Maggies. It did nothing in either system. It is not very exciting. Actually it was dark and uninvolving. Follow the advice above.
The other thing I should have added is that this is for my 2 channel tube setup. Beyond the basic debate on SACD vs DVD-A does it become a no brainer if we are just talking 2 channels. I also have a 5 channel rotel system where I can play with these new formats at some point. When I think about this topic I can't help but flash back to my dad playing with QUAD in the 70's... That really took off :^)

I have not listened to the MF CD-pre24 yet but the form factor would work perfectly for me. In the past I have like the sound of MF's gear. I also noticed that QUAD has the 99CDP that seem to do the same basic things. Has anyone heard this yet ?

I've got an entire rig of MF gear and love the sound as well. Personally, I would go for separates rather than the CD-Pre24. If you like MF, the A308 series is great.