Musical Fidelity and Electrocompaniet power amp

Musical Fidelity A300cr or a Electrocompaniet AW-250
(2)Musical Fidelity A3cr (bridged) or (2)Electrocompaniet (bridged)

I live in San Jose and i am looking to either buy a Electrocompaniet or a Musical Fidelity power amplifer. Since i can't find a local shop to audit, i have to order it online. Can someone help me out with some suggestion.

My system:
Mission 783 (front)
B&W Nautilus HTM2 (Center)
ProAc Tablette 2000 (rear)
Velodyne SPL-1200 (subwoofer)
Yamaha RX-V1 (a/v amplifier)
Denon POA-8300 (power amplifier for rear & center)
Pioneer DVL-H9(DVD/LD)
Denon DCD-S1 (CD Player)
MSB Gold with power base (D/A Converter)
Sony SCD-X940 (SACD)

Both are very good sounding amps - I have an Electrocompaniet 120 and when it is working it sounds great - I bought it and it went bad after a month - sent it to the distributor and did not see it again for 8 months - then it went out again and it went bye-bye for six months - I did hear there is a guy in Florida who can service them - out of warranty and you have to pay. Get a good dealer - mine was terrible. Musical Fidelity is doing its distribution somewhat differently now other than through AudioAdvisor. Check these out on to get opinions of owners - just remmember no one wants to critize what they just dumped a lot of money on to obtain audio nirvana.
i love my electro aw60ftt's, presently used in a vertically bi-amped set-up. completely trouble-free. they replaced an aw75 & an aw100 which i was using horizontally bi-amped. the aw75 i bought new, & it was also trouble-free. the aw100 was bought used, & a power-supply cap failed shortly after i got it. i suspect the amp sat a long time prior to my using it, because the same thing happened to an adcom amp i let sit for a long time prior to re-use. this is a common failure of un-used amps... heinz preiss in florida fixed it for me, & it was trouble-free ever since. (i sold it about 6 months ago). i also have an electro ec1-a (circa 1988) that has been trouble-free. it will get paired w/the aw75 for an auxilliary system. until i can afford the care-n-feeding of mondo tube amps, i'm stickin' w/electrocompaniet.

doug s.

btw, don't forget to get a tubed preamp for your 2-channel audio; especially since you have a digital-source based system. if h-t is crucial, find one w/a h-t pass-thru loop. suspects to consider are arc, vtl, sonic frontiers; i'm sure there are others...

You cant bridge the A3cr.... i wish you could as it sounds great, but you cant... I would buy a musical fidelity M3 nuvista integrated.... best value in hifi that i am aware of. Thanks - Ian