Musical Fidelity AMS 35i or Accuphase E-560?

Hello everyone,I've been reading this forum for some months now and would like to say I'm amazed at how knowledgeable all of you are. I'm hoping some forum members can help be choose between two class A integrateds that I'm considering - the Musical Fidelity AMS35i and the Accuphase E-560. They both are rated about the same (30W for the Accuphase and 35 W for the MF) and both operate in pure class A.

My speakers are ProAc Response K6s and I listen at low to moderate volume to mainly old-school be-bop jazz in a smallish room that's 12 feet x 10 feet.

I can't audition either amp with my speakers so I'll have to make as educated a guess as possible as to which will be the better match for my speakers.

One the one hand the Accuphase has looks to die for but I know that I'll be paying for a host of features that I'll hardly ever use, like tone controls.

As for the MF I know it doesn't look as good but I like the fact that there are no extras on offer - it's a minimalist design which suggests everything goes towards maximising sound quality.

Any help/opinions would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
In one of the online reviews that I read before I decided to purchase Musical Fidelity M6 series components, the reviewer specifically mentioned how well the M6 series components pair with ProAc speakers. The reviewer mentioned ProAc Response D Twos in particular. Although you're ProAc speakers are a different model and you are considering a different Musical Fidelity model, I suspect you'd wouldn't go wrong with Musical Fidelity. But it's true that MF components are very humdrum in the appearance department. Here is the URL to the review I am talking about if you want to check it out:
If for Musical Fidelity components you need to listen and read reviews, for Accuphase isn't the case. It's ULTIMATE and forever. I also believe that you're speaking of totally two different units and even price points. In the appearance department I'd hesitate between Macs and Accuphase on who's #1 IMHO.
Thanks for the response guys.

Gz2837 - appreciate the input. I'm sure you're right - I probably won't go too far wrong if I go for the MF.

Marakanetz - in my country the Accuphase is only around US$300 cheaper than the MF (both cost about US$9,000). If cost and rated power outputs are almost identical (the MF is rated at 35W while the Accuphase is rated at 30W) then I think the two are comparable. But yes, I agree that Accuphase may well be the ultimate class A integrated.
Hah! Perhaps purchasing ticket to US and getting it near 4x cheaper in US will save you money + you'll get pleasant travel:-)
I wonder if same possible with Accuphase in Japan? I don't care about manufacturer's warranty. These units last very long and easy to repair when there's a malfunction and often supplied with circuit diagram just like classic old stuff.