Musical Fidelity A5's and Monitor Audio RX8's?

I'm about to purchase all these units used, (MF A5 Int., MF A5 CD, and MA RX8's) and was hoping to get a quick opinion on the compatibility of the units.

Anyone heard these pieces together? What did you think/hear??
I have not heard the A5s. However, I looked 'em up and the only thing I spotted in one review is they're a little bright, but otherwise stellar.

With the RX8s, which I've listened to about as many times as I've been to the local audio shop (which is about twice a week ;-) and consider it a very well-rounded but slightly fast, I would think that the combination could force them on the bright side.

Of course, that is all speculation. Take this with a grain of salt. They could sound terrific. It could be that perfect combo. But if they are bright you can always get some Cardas cables and fix that. If you do go ahead with the purchase, I'd like to know what you think of the sound because I'm likin' the A5 integrated. Best of luck.