Musical Fidelity A5 Phono Stage

Need some advice. My rig is:

Pro-ject Debut Carbon with 2M Blue, Herbie Mat, isolation table, feet, etc. speed controller.
Musical Fidelity Integrated A5 amp
B&W 804N speakers

the analog rig is performing pretty well. Some albums are epic, some are just ok. par for the vinyl course i suppose.

I'm trying to get everything to full potential and i'm concerned with the integrated phono stage. it has a bit of 60 cycle hum when the volume is turned up past about 10 o'clock; much higher to achieve similar volume on other inputs. (yes, even with the turntable off).

I'm considering an upgrade. probably SS. my concern with tubes is maybe a loss in clarity. i love tubes but not sure this is the best place to put them with such a delicate signal.

I see a turntable upgrade in the next 12 months so i dont mind the phono stage outperforming the table at this point. would probably be on a $500 budget, but would be open to a used stage.

any suggestions?

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Try a DV P-75. Its much better than the one in the A5.
I have the A5 int amp as well - but I don't hear the hum you are describing and I sometimes go higher than 10 o'clock.

The phono section of the A5 does an admirable job.

I once tried a Jolida external phono pre, but no matter what I set it to, could not get it to match the sq of the A5.

I'm sure there are other ext phono pres that would offer better sq, but you may want to solve the hum problem - which may not be the A5.
yesterday my buddy loaned me an '83 Audible Illusions Modulus MkII tube preamp/phono stage. while there was more 60 cycle hum and maybe a slight drop in detail, the improvement in dynamics, ceiling, soundstage, dimension, etc was staggering.

I realize i changed 2 variables (phono stage and preamp) but have to believe the phono stage was dramatically better, so i'm on the prowl for a reasonably priced phono tube stage and could use some input.

i'm currently targeting either the

Tube Box DS

or modding a Yaqin

I build Marshall plexis for fun so I'm tempted by the latter. something cool about having a hand in your tone.