Musical Fidelity A5 modifications

Anybody out there got their Musical Fidelity A5 cd player (or amplifier) modified? Was it worth it? Any impressions welcome...
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I have a MF A5 CDP, with Underwood/PC level 2 mods. I cannot tell you what you'd most like to know, unfortunately, since I bought it modded, and have not heard the stock unit. My previous CD was a Jolida with Underwood/PC level 1 mods and the MF bested it (more detailed, less congested), but not by a ton. Speaks well of the Jolida, since I've enjoyed the MF, though I'm not convinced on bang for buck.

I should say that I had a pretty different customer service experience than the previous poster: work done quickly, well packaged, etc. But I dealt with Walter, not direct with PC. Walter's reputation for being sorted out well deserved.

On resale, I think if you read around here, you will find that mods tend not to hold value very well. This point seems to come up in discussion pretty often, and it seems to me to be reflected in the asking prices in the classifieds. If you deal with Walter, you might be able to work a good trade if you move on. I'm replacing my MF with a DAC for a PC (MAC) set up, and Walter has been very reasonable.
I got my MF A5 integrated modded by Parts Connexion (via Underwood Hi Fi)... really Liked the sound of the Base unit (I think that's very important--if you don't like what it does to begin with...don't waste your time/money).

The good news: The results were amazing...I am more than pleased with the sonic results. However, everything else was an absolute nightmare... The mods made the a5's strengths stronger and lessened or eliminated its weaknesses. I've had many many pieces...including some high end modded a5 is amazing, the best I've had. But my stress and anxiety were off the charts for several weeks because of all the gyrations I was put through...I'm still pissed and this was over a year ago.

The Bad news: I would never do business with Parts Connexion again...among the many many issues was the pathetic customer service, their reckless packing, and the many excuses and delays. I could write a book on the trials and tribulations they put me through... Took forever...was convinced they either lost it or fryed it. Could not get straight anwsers/stories about where it was, when it was going to be finished. I sent the unit TRIPLE (custom) boxed (including the original box, foam and protection)...cost me over 120 hundred dollars to send it to canada (from Wisconsin)...that would have been well worth it...if they had shipped it back that way...they "lost" the boxes (in actuality, they very carelessly switched my box and materials with another customers CD player box). The unit arrived in the box bathed in peanuts...nothing else!...was just left to slosh around in there...I was horrified when I opened the box. I would have thought the vendor would have understood the dangers of shipping expensive and heavy equipment without adequate packing.... luckily, the unit suffered only cosmetic mars.

Walt at Underwood did everything he could to help...and I was pleased with that...would do business with him again anytime.

Bottom Line: My experience tells me mods can indeed make a huge difference...but make sure you work with an established, reputable, and responsible modder. When you think about what component quality cuts have to be made in stock keep the price competitive, it makes sense that mods help. Don't automatically expect to recover all of your money (going price plus mod price) if you happen to later sell a modded unit... for some reason, people can have mixed feelings about buying modded unit...maybe because they feel that a modded unit is less hearty or maybe that worry they will have trouble if it needs repairs...I don't know.... In my opinion: my unit is leaps and bounds above the stock unit...and, as far as I can tell, the actual (electronic) work was very well done)'s just everything else that sucked.