Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated, Use as Preamp Only

The Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated has Pre-Out connections which the manual states are for bi-amplification, allowing the use external speaker amplifiers while typically leaving the tweeters connected to the MF A5 amplifier section.

Some have suggested this implies that the MF A5 amplifier section should not be operated without any load.

I would like to connect the A5 pre-outs directly to my recently acquired separate power amplifier thereby using the A5's preamplifier section only (with no load on the amplifier section) until I get a separate preamplifier. I do not, however, want to damage the the A5 by doing this.

I wonder if anyone has experience with this. (I have submitted the question MF UK and am awaiting a reply, but hearing actual user experience is extremely important to me.)

Thank You
I would wait for the reply from MF; just because someone has done it without the amp blowing up does not mean it is necessarily a good idea.
Good question. I have not heard of this before. I have MF 3.2 int. I looked at the owners manual bt it says nothing about keeping a load on the amp when using pre amp only. Keep us informed as to what you discover. Thanks.
I have actually used my NuVista M3 in the opposite manner; used the power amp with an external pre amp. This is fine of course.
I sent my question to the US distributor one week ago tomorrow. He forwarded it to MF UK so I hope to get the official answer tomorrow or Friday. MF is very hard to reach unless you phone them in Wembly. I have not tried that yet.
Musical Fidelity said that is OK to use the A5 Integrated as a preamp only with no load on the power amplifier section.