Musical Fidelity A5 CDP vs. Tri-Vista or others

If anyone on these forums has had a chance to audition at home, or owns, the Musical Fidelity A5 CD player, I'd like to hear your comments on the player, specifically what you compared it directly to. (I mention the Tri-Vista above as it is another MF product, well received and comments can be found on its performance.)
Brian, end your quest and buy an APL Denon 3910. No BS.

Unless you're searching for Musical Fidelity equipment for a specific reason...
Hi Tvad,

Can you tell me more? Who is APL? I was/am leaning toward the MF for a system match.
Brian, here's the link to APL HiFi .

Here's an APL Denon 3910 review .

A search of the threads will provide more info.

Have fun.

Brian, HiFi News reviewed A5 CD player and they compared it with trivista.

I have the CA2200 and like you, I sold X150.5. I also have the x250.5 and it is tough to choose betw the two. They are both truely great amps.
How is the classe cdp