Musical Fidelity A5 CDP -bass problem

I am having trouble getting good bass out of my MFA5CDP.
Using Rotel 200wpc 1080. Vandersteen 2CE sigs. I am Comparing it with same set up and my other Rotel CD player which has gret bass so I dont want to change the amp/spkrs. I experimented with changing the interconnects with a cheap pair I had laying around and it seemed better , but is there any advice on a rational approach to interconnect selection with a "bass" issue?
I suggest a mod would fix that problem, and a whole lotta more.
i owned the same player and i concur with your perception.

you might consider replacing it.

i tried different interconnects and line cords and the problem persisted.
Could be the way the player integrates with the rest of your system. I heard the A5 at the store and thought it had very good bass. Compared it with Arcam CD33 and Cary 303/300 and the A5 virtually had the similar bass to 303/300. It was definitely better on bass than the Arcam. It could be that the cd player is not driving the preamp properly. Have you compared the output parameters of the A5 with Rotel player?
Anyway, what's your bass test cd?
Thanks for the replies . I use the St Saens Organ Concerto, second mvmt ( Telarc ) to compare bass What do I look for regarding the output parameter question?
MrTennis, what did you replace your A5 with?
i replaced my a5 with a bat vk d5. bass is more extended, but i find that there is too much energy in the treble.

i am looking for a very mellow 6922.
Are you driving the 1080 directly from A5(I doubt it) if not what is the preamp? From what I can tell, 1080 amp is pretty efficient with 1.5v 32kOhm input.

A5 specs:
2.15VRMS o-put 47 Ohms impedance

Something is wrong here, in your set up. Please specify the preamp.
Thanks for taking an interest- I am using the Rotel RC 1070 pre amp. Not to say I dont get any bass- It is just not as "robust" as from the Rotel CD player 1055. Must just be an over emphasis from the rotel changer
I'm assuming that the A5 player is not new and doesn't need break in. Also, what you may want to do is take your A5 and go to a local MF dealer and have them play it in their demo system so you can evaluate it, if this is possible, of course. Have you also tried any aftermarket power cords with the player, the amp or preamp?

I really can't imagine the A5 producing less bass impact than a Rotel cd changer. Rotel players are pretty good, but in my mind, the perfomance of the Rotel cd player is not very close to that of the A5. But may be it's just me.
Audphile, that was great advice! Well, the player is 2 weeks "new" so the break in is an issue. I will bring it in to the dealer to hear it with the set up I auditioned with and ask him to let me audition some wire at home. Thanks- I will let you know how it goes!
ok, I'll be waiting
After you burn-in for 15-200 hours, the bass will no longer be an issue. Went thru the same thing with my A5 and the bass is now deep, tight, fast, defined with excellent separation. Hang in there.........
From my observations, the A5 is a tonally neutral and well balanced player. It presents the entire frequency spectrum in a clean and precise manner. I find the bass to be well defined and tight, but not emphasised in a way that would please listeners who like a lot of bass or would be suitable for an already bass lean system. It could be that the A5 is not well suited for your Vandersteens or that you have gotten used to the more dominant bass emphasis of your Rotel. Break in could also be an issue as the A5 uses an upsampler that does need a considerable time to burn in before it settles (I don't know how much time as I got my player used). I definitely recommend an after market power cord for this player; made a world of difference in my system. You may also take a look a the recent review of this player in 6moons. I believe the reviewer recommended using an isolation platform for this CDP and the reviewer himself used a maple cutting board which may make the bass sound a little fuller and with more weight (maple has a resonance which may cause). I wish you all the best in resolving the issue.
I have never heard a players bass create that much more weight after full break-in. Tighter, extended and more musical, but the weight issue is more to do with synergy of the system or the player is just plain bass lean which is not a bad thing for a lot of people. Your Rotel could be engineered to have a thicker bass than the A5 and the A5 could be more musical. If the player is bass lean and you want more then Hartwerger is right about changing power cords trying different vibration control devices. Of course ic's and speaker cables will always come into play.
If you can, let the player run 24/7 for a week then report back. I am betting on a tighter and more accurate bass.
Problems resolved: Learned alot: The dealer loaned me the MF integrated A5 amp they had in the showroom to try at home- what a world of difference! I have the sound that first brought me to the A5. The sound opened up, the fog lifted and the bass notes rather than rumbling became actual notes. The music is much more compelling, something I could not say playing it through the rotel set up. I paid a price for the lesson of thinking I could mix and match without researching first. I will keep both systems side by side, since I like having the rotel changer (I know, shame on me!) for when I need continuous party or dinner music and reserve using the MF for blissfull critical listening. thx for all the observations,and advice from this generous group.
So much for the mod fixing the problem!