Musical Fidelity A5 CD-Player Powercord proposal


I have a Musical Fidelity A5 CDP and need recommendations on a Powercord! I have Great Success useing a Synergistic Research AC Master coupler Active on my Musical Fidelity A5 Amp.

So it the CDP lefth then, so any recommendations??

I was thinking about SR Resolution Reference AC coupler.
But it´s hard, no dealer where I live in Sweden.

So come on Brainstorm som recommendations!!

Best Regards

Shunyata VX cables can not be beat for digital gear, I believe. But, they are very pricey -- try a diamondback ($199USD new) & see if you like what you hear. You can always upgrade to a Taipan or Python from there.
If you have to go with a new PC, I'd also recommend the Shunyata Diamondback. I haven't had great luck with their 'heavier' PC's on any of my front-end gear though.
I've had great success with a VH Audio Flavor 4 on my Wadia 830. Another cable I'm really impressed with is the Black Sand Silver Reference (check Black Sand auctions here on Audiogon). Both Black Sand and VH Audio have evaluation periods -- definitely worth a try.
After buying an MF A5 player, I emailed for Powercord suggestions. They recomended the JPS labs digital AC.
I only compared it to the VH Audio Flavor 4 that I already had in my system. The JPS sounded much superior in my system. The JPS can be had for $200-$250 used.
Happy hunting.
i owned a musical fidelity a5 and i also owned and later sold a jps digital ac. both were sold and neither had a warm presentation.

i tried many cords to reduce the emphasis upon the lower treble and couldn't find any. perhaps a dcaa audio ref 1 or source line cord.

i currently have them but no longer have the musical fidelity.
Mr Tennis, for the record, in your remarks "...neither had a warm presentation" are your impressions based on your peculiar requirements of a very rolled off upper mid range and highs (as you have in previous post indicated that you prefer) or is this comment meant in an absolute sense in comparison to other CDP's you have listened to in the same system?
Hello boys!

Thanks for all the answers!

The JPS Digital Ac seems like it´s worth trying I have a Dealer here in Sweden who got it!

Anyone who has anything to say about Synergistic Resolution Reference AC coupler? I am wery interesded in this cable because I had such A Improvment on the Amp with SR cabels!

Kind Regards
my comments about the jps and musical fidelity and all other components i mention are independent of my preferences.

i believe i am honest in my appraisals, based exclusively on my perceptions.

in the case of both products, i have corroborating evidence from another serious listener.
For power cords, I have tried a Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11, a VH Audio Flavor 2 (yeah, I know its not recommended for digital), and a Van DenHul Mainstream Hybrid. The Van denHul was the best of the lot, but still not quite satisfying. As an experiment, I switched the Cardas Golden Reference the I had on my amp to the A5 and put the Mainstream on my amp. Bingo. Everything clicked and sounds very very nice. Weird how these combinations can have an unusual synergy.

By the way, Mrtennis is correct; the A5 is not a warm player. It is a very smooth but tonally neutral player. Although it may not have the warm sound that one would expect from a tube CD player, there are moments when I find myself amazed at how natural this player can sound.
Fredrik, to answer your question, I'd say you might be more than happy with the SR cable on your A5. The SR cables have fell out of favor with many because they don't diminish the midrange and highlight the bass and treble the way most of the 'mega gauge' powercables do. If indeed the A5 is neutral (I haven't heard it myself), you might find the SR cable to be a very revealing match.
The SR cables are not recommended if your system is at all forward in the midrange and upper-midrange.

I have a SR Resolution Reference AC in my system right know.

It added a warmt to the midrage thats correct but overall, I don´t think it´s that mutch better than my DIY screnned cable! I hade hope for more Room in the Soundstage.

Synergistic made a Huge improvment on my Amp but on drive Im not sure.

My plan B is either Shunyata Taipan Vx or JPS Digital

The Shunyata Taipan Vx is the one I am most interessted in.
Any comments on Taipan

Fredrik, the Taipan didn't work very well on my front-end gear, it lost too much midrange texture, although it was very smooth up-top. I think I'd be more willing to give the JPS a try. The JPS was very close to my custom-built reference in many ways, but not as uncolored or dynamic sounding.