Musical Fidelity A5 CD Player

I own a MF A5 CD player with tube output. I have a question that no dealer has been able to answer. Also, the Musical Fidelity British site has no way to contact them other than by regular mail or phone.
Can leaving this unit on at all times affect the performance or wear out the output of the unit prematurely?
What kind of tubes are in the unit?
The manual says that opening the unit will void the warranty. How often do one needs to replace the output tubes? Can anyone answer?
its the 6112 tube, called the mu-vista by MF, and it lasts a VERY_ long time, so go ahead and leave the unit on if you like. by the way, this info IS on their web site.
Yes it is 6112 tube named mu-vista. A tube used in military. According to dealer of my A5CD, this tube has a life-time 100,000 hours and it is very fast to get warm up. This is why you turn on the Amp cold and get output sound immediately. Each A5cd comes with one spare 6112 stored with the dealer. So, in case one of your tubes is malfunctioning, the dealer can replace it for you.
Because MF has a limited number of 6112s, this is why A5cd is produced under a limited edition basis.
Hope I am getting this right as I am a newbie.