musical fidelity A5.5 - any opinion ?

anyone with experience with the MF A5.5 cdp ? I'm trying to replace my esound E5 with something up to $2000 used.
any other options ?

system includes:
JRDG 201 amps
lector zoe pre
usher cp-6371 speakers
Esound E5 cdp

If its anything like the A5 that preceded it, it'll be a cracker. A5 is one of the most musical CD players I've heard at the price point. Might also be worth listening to a Rega Saturn and the Primare CD31 which are both excellent players.
Just curious why you're moving on from the esound E5?

Once in a while the Esound has problems reading cd's. That started annoying and I might have a good deal on the MF 5.5 so I thought to myself....why not