Musical Fidelity A5.5 and speaker recs?

I'm upgrading my system for the first time in 20 years (have a Nakamichi receiver, Boston Acoustic bookshelf speakers).

I just auditioned the MF A5.5 and I loved them (but with several speakers I can't afford). I've read a lot about Creek and Naim and PS Audio, and I'm looking for advice on people's experience with the A5.5 and its cohorts.

Also looking for speaker pairings.

Total budget for both is $4-5k.

I listen to classical (symphony, chamber, choral), rock (range: Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Beatles, Zeppelin) and some jazz and bluegrass. I have a 12 x 15 room, and I listen at moderate volumes.

Thank you; I'm looking forward to your thoughtful input and experiences.
I recommend Spendor speakers , there is a pair of SP-1s available for $825 now. Or B&W 805s are also good. I would buy the amp used and save about 50%. All the MF amps are good, I just bought a NuVista M3 myself. I was a MF dealer years ago and found them reliable.