Musical Fidelity A3cr Upgrade Question

I have been using my audio system as follows.
Spks: ProAc Response 1sc
PreAmp: Musical Fidelity A3cr PreAmp
PowerAmp: Musical Fidelity A3cr Power Amp
CD Player: Primare D20 (recently replaced by MF's A5 CD Player)

I have listened to A5cr, A5 Intgrated Amp and did not recall their main differences in terms of quality.

1. Is it a sensible upgrade to keep my A3cr PreAmp but replace my A3cr Power Amp with A5cr Power Amp? This will
save me cost.

2. If I replace the A3cr's with the A5 Integrated Amp,
would it be a better/worse 'upgrade' than my A3cr's?

3. I love the D20's sweet sound for female vocals, and now I have got A5CD, which is a much higher end and detailed CD player. Shall I keep my D20 and use it occcasionally or simply sell it and get on with my A5CD? I know this sounds a stupid question to ask, but would really like some comments from experienced people here.

I replaced my Krell KRC-3 Pre-Amp and KSA-50S Power Amp with the MF A308cr Pre-Amp and Power Amp. It was a fantastic upgrade.

After talking to a dealer no less, he suggested that I replace the A308cr Pre-Amp with a good tube Pre-Amp, but keep the A308cr Power Amp.

I did that and have never regretted it. I would suggest that you do that too, go with either a tube Pre-Amp or at least a better Pre-Amp. The MF Amplifiers seem to be extremely good.

I just read a review that the new A5cr Power Amp is the best of the A3.2cr and A308cr Power Amps. But I believe that upgrading your Pre-Amp first will give you the biggest bang for the buck.

By the way, have you heard the KW500 Integrated Amp. It's really nice!


Thanks. Yours is surely good experience.
Look like I should buy the A5cr PreAmp first and plug it
into the A3cd Poweramp and enjoy the quality gain!

I heard about the famous KW500 Int.Amp. May be I should ask the shop to do a AB comparision with the A5cr Pre + A3cr Pow before I invest an upgrade.

Have you listened to the PS Audio Amps. I recently had a AB compare demo of the PS Audio Amp vs A5cr; my first impression is the A5cr has produced a much sweeter female vocal than the PS Audio. Anyhow, PS Audio seems to be more dynamic and more musical.The speakers I listened to were Dynaudio Confidence C1.

Based on the recommendation, look like I should buy the A5cr PreAmp first and plug it into the A3cd Poweramp and enjoy the quality gain! However, if I make things a bit complicated for myself this time; say, first buy the A5cr power Amp to replace my A3cr PowerAmp. Then, listen for a while, and look for another brand PreAmp.

Or should I simply get the whole set of A5cd so that it seems it will go well with the A5cd which I have already got.?