Musical fidelity A3CR separates vs. A5 integrated

Hello all,

I need some audiophile help and where better to pop this question than Audiogon.
Here is my system, from source to speakers.
Transport: Dell Latitude 620 with S/PDIF out.
Digital interconnect: Harmonic Tech Cyber link Silver RCA/BNC
DAC: Benchmark DAC1
Interconnects: AudioQuest King Cobra RCA/RCA
Preamp: Musical Fidelity A3CR
Interconnects: AudioQuest King Cobra RCA/RCA
Power amp: Musical fidelity A3CR
Speaker cables: AudioQuest type 8, bare
Speakers: Sonus Faber Concerto Domus floor standers
All power cords PS Audio Power Punch.
Power conditioner: Belkin PF 60

The system is modest by high-end standards, and the sound is very calm, detailed in the highs and mids, smooth and relaxed, very pleasant overall, never shrill but some times it feels too relaxed. I guess more impact would not hurt, in the bass and lower midrange.
My questions are:
1. Where do you think this is coming from? Is there any link in this chain that jumps at you as the "culprit"?
2. Would switching to a MF A5 integrated help or would it be a step backwards? I know that the separates together scored higher cost-wise, but maybe the A5 will bring the impact I'm after without taking too much, if at all, from the very good mids and highs.

My musical taste leans towards rock, jazz, blues.

Thank you very much,
my guess is that your speakers are the limiting facotr--they probably extend down to 35hz or so, which is pretty low, but not super-low. my own listening experience with sonus faber is that they're very nice and refined, but not really in-your-face slamming rawk-and-roll speakers. i'd add a good, fast sub before i started switching out other components--your current system seems very well conceived.
I would keep the amp and preamp. Not sure that the A5 is as good as what you have now. I use REL subs, look at the S series. I use to be an AudioQuest dealer years ago, always felt their interconnects were a little bland, try to borrow a different pair and place them in different locations.
Thank you very much, gentlemen.

Since a sub is a more expensive path and I went from SF Concertino to Concerto exactly to avoid a sub while getting a more plentiful bass (which I got), I guess I'll go with some interconnect swap-around first.
I'm fearful that since the bass is plenty, only a bit slow, adding a sub will bring too much of it, albeit adding some impact in the process. Am I right or wrong in this assumption?

I'm contemplating a pair of Harmonic Technology pro silway, the originals, not mk 2 or mk 3. Do you have an opinion on them, especially when compared with AQ King Cobras? Would these silvers "cure the blandness"?

Thank you very much, your input is greatly appreciated.

Since interconnects are so system dependent I would get a pair from a source where they could be returned or buy used. To get more speed you could try a pair of Mapleshade speaker cables, I think they have a return policy but not sure.
I am happy to have solved my problem in spades. The bass is now tight, deep, punchy and detailed.
Everything is significantly improved, dynamics, clarity and, above all, the impact in the lower registers.
The link in the chain that did it for me was 1m PS Audio xStream Prelude SC power cord that replaces a PS Audio Power Punch.
What's even more amazing is that the power cord I changed was the one feeding the Benchmark, the less current consuming component. Go figure...
Needless to say, I'm on the hunt for more Preludes on Audiogon now.