Musical Fidelity A3CD Review

Wes Phillips, former Srereophile reviewer, has nice review of A3CD on his site, he liked unit so much he purchased the review sample......the ultimate recommendation. He has heard best units available at any price, and felt the A3CD at under $1000 doesn't give up much to the best players. I own one of these units and have further improved sound with Symposium RollerBlocks and PowerSnakes SideWinder AC cord, great sound for people who don't have megabucks to spend, anyone else using this unit?
Great point, Sam! I have heard this player, and felt to be about as good as anything else I've come across. I know you can spend $5K or more, and get something a very little bit better, but why? Also found Arcam Alpha 9/FMJ-23(didn't hear the FMJ, but it's almost the same as the 9) to be a giant killer.
In new September Stereophile Sam Tellig mentions he will review MF A3CD in Oct issue, he has already tipped his hand though and said in his current review of Rotel 991 CD that he prefers A3CD, also will review MF A3CR preamp and amp.... this should also be good review as I notice Chip Stern reference system in record reviews section now has MF A3 (cr) amp and pre-amp along with MF nu-vista amp and pre-amp......he must have line of credit with Audio Advisor by now, I must say several MF products are quite good now and compete with much more expensive lines......MF nu-vista amp is Stereophile class A rated currently
Mega, I have had the MF A3 CD player for three days now. All I can say is WOW!! It's all there- tonal faithfulness, imaging, scale, and detail. For the Price this player is going to be hard to beat. Pick one up from Audio Advisor at a demo price as I did, and it's a steal!